Kiddie Birthday Party Rentals You Must Try

Birthday parties for kids can be a handful, yet very exciting as kids are only young once, and celebrating their birthday is a milestone for their achievements as well. Watching them grow and seeing them healthy and happy is worth celebrating. As parents, we make each year as memorable as possible. Aside from the good food and party treats, there are other party rentals you can try and must have to make your kiddie birthday party extra fun! 

Bounce House  

Kids love to run and bounce, what else is perfect for a birthday party loaded with sugar? The bounce house! The kiddies will be pumped with energy from all the sweet treats, you can put all the energy they have into good use and have them enjoy the bounce house. You can just rent from Scranton Birthday party rental near you and they will set up the bounce house right away. Bounce house are safe, and getting the right guys will provide extra service to stay during the party to ensure the safety of the bounce house.  

Bounce Castle 

Did we mention that there are also bounce castles? Yes! You can also rent a bounce castle if your kiddie birthday party is fairytale themed. Not only your kiddie guests and celebrant can enjoy the bouncing fun of the castle but they can also play as Prince and Princesses. Bounce castle is a very nice party rental, definitely worth your money.  

Inflatable slides 

If your kiddie is in for a summer vibe, you can easily rent inflatable slides to add more fun activity. Kids love to climb up and down for a good slide, and it’s very safe and easy to set up as it’s inflatable! Even adults can enjoy this rental as it comes in various sizes. Add more fun and energy filled activity and get the inflatable slides now. 

Cotton Candy Machines 

Sweets are irresistible to kids, even to adults. Make your kid’s birthday sweeter by renting a cotton candy machine. Don’t you just love the magic and the sweetness it brings when you see that cotton on stick that comes in pastel colors. You don’t have to buy the machine; you can just rent it! 

Popcorn Machine 

Are you looking for a healthier option for a birthday party snack? You can rent a popcorn machine instead. Kids go crazy for popcorn too and they simply love how it’s made. You can easily rent a popcorn machine, and have your guest choose flavors like, cheese, barbecue, caramel, and more. Plus, it can save you from making extra snacks. 

Party Yard Games 

A kiddie birthday party is not complete with games. With rentals available you can now rent for a party yard games. No need to make so much effort, have your party rental provider host and facilitate the party yard games, you can choose from various games that are age appropriate and guaranteed to have the kiddos enjoy.  

These are just a few of the party rentals you must try for your kid’s birthday. Just an additional expense for a memorable birthday, after all smiles and the joy that you and your kid’s guests will have on that special day will be priceless, so make it memorable with party rentals.