Major Advantages of a 5 Axis CNC Machine

Conventional machines of CNC only shift in 3 linear axes (X, Y, and Z). Nowadays, a 5-axis CNC machine shifts in all 3 linear axes and 2 additional rotary axes, causing it to move into 5 axes. The ability to accurately move the workpiece without taking it out has particular advantages compared to traditional 3 axis machining. To discuss more of the 5-axis CNC machine, read on this article: 

Greater surface finish  

Utilizing the rotating 4th or 5th axis rotary table, the portion could be positioned to bring it nearer to the cutting tool. When the part can get nearer to the cutting tool, then the cutting tool could become shorter. If a cutting tool is shorter, it will be less prone to vibration during higher cutting speeds that can possibly impact directly on the finish of the surface.  

3+2 Axis machining 

Some components can just be automated with a 5-axis movement at the same time. Then, other components can be automated more efficiently with the help of the 3+2 movement.  

In this type of machining, the 4th and 5th aces are utilized to locate the cutting tool or workpiece, depending on what machine type is used, in a particular position. In such instances, 5-axes does not necessarily have to move all at once.  

The similar tool paths could’ve been obtained in a 3-axis machine, however, just after unloading and loading between multiple machines, fixtures, and setups. The five-axis machine help to boost uptime removes the requirement for special fixtures and minimizes human error. For components with holes or features on multiple angles or faces, 3+@ machining would be the best option to use.  

Relational Accuracy 

Inaccuracy finds means to absorb in each setup change. When a portion comes out of the machine, accurate alignment is missing. Nowadays, you can improve feature-to-feature accuracy by utilizing a similar “home” or “zero” location.  

Fewer setups 

CNC machines with 5 axes can automate almost every visible surface. Such as clamping or bottom, area. This type of capability can greatly minimize the requirement for special fixtures or multiple setups. Indeed, relational accuracy has become one of the major advantages of setup.  

Complex shapes 

The ability to machine intricate shapes the most popular and the major perks of 5-axis machining. Its extra movement makes machining arcs and angles that were only made possible before with additional setups and a multitude of special fixtures. 

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